About us

We are a Spanish store that emerged as a personal idea, after experiencing a very hard year due to Covid-19. The founder and creator of Moonlightlamps is a young Venezuelan woman who, after the difficult situation experienced in her country, decided to make her way in Spain. Former Theater director and lover of art, the universe, creativity and dreams has decided to invite us to bring the most beautiful Lighting to our homes for each of our spaces and rooms.

"There is no greater thief of energy than a space that does not provide you with convenience and comfort, ideas begin around us"

For this reason, we invite you to discover our collections, we have with quality customer service based on transparency, honesty, security, innovation and operational excellence.

We are a 100% online store in Madrid (Spain). We are committed and passionate about our work. We believe in what we do . We don't stop learning every day. We adapt very quickly to the changes and demands of the market with the aim of always offering you the best shopping experience, the best products and the latest trends that you can find in the creative lighting sector.

We always think positively and we are sure that The best is yet to come .

Moonlighlamps offers the user a unique, fast, agile and simple experience.